Friday, March 19, 2010

March Planting in Colorado

It's been a great week this week; we started with snow and seem to be ending with snow. I'm happy we have had a few days of nice sunshine and 50-59 degree weather, it was beautiful. I'm glad this cloudy weather is today, that way I can head on out to the AG expo without wasting my sunshine.

We were able to get a bed dug this week which is great. It seems to take us at least a day a bed for a 5-10 or 20 area. Deep digging is a lot of work but we are hoping with our lousy soil that it pays off. It requires you to dig a 1 foot trench and then loosen the soil down another foot which becomes extremely difficult in our rocky little enclave. This is what takes us so long to dig the bed which I think normally we could get done a lot earlier if not for the rock we have to deal with after the 1 foot initial trench. The picture I borrowed just to give an example of what it looks like. I need batteries for the camera then we can show you exactly what it looks like.

Dad and I finished the inside chicken brooder area that the baby chicks can go into after they come out of the brooder. We have a lot of work to do on the coop this year as it has been leaking this winter. It could be that we just had so much snow but I want to make sure next year even if we have as much snow it stays drier. Those little ladies are the life blood of the farm as they are now producing about 4 dozen eggs a day. These eggs travel down to the local community grocery stores and are able to be purchased throughout the winter by our local community. No carbon footprint there being they travel a very close distance from the farm to the local store. Sometimes the mornings eggs are that afternoon on the shelf's, you can't beat that for fresh! Currently the little ladies supply Dolores Food Market, Zuma Natural Foods, and Let it grow Nursery.

CSA is still going well and I have bene making my deliveries to Durango weekly, thanks to my steady customer base I survived winter. Some of the days were nasty but all and all it was a great winter and my first winter CSA year. Thank you my Durango Customers for your support and continued interest in our farming endeavours.


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